Brand Rep Search - 5th - 18th of March, 2018

Baby Brand Rep Search
What's a brand rep?
A brand rep, short for ‘brand representative', is somebody who represents our brand on social media. It’s similar to a model's job, but it’s all done online and usually it’s photos taken by mom or dad. If your baby is selected as a brand rep, our store will provide you with free items in return for advertising in the form of quality photos that are posted on your Instagram or Facebook page and shared with our followers.
Terms & Conditions
The Contract Period - The Brand Rep will receive a minimum of 1 packages with 3-6 items. The brand rep will post at least 1 post on their Instagram of each item they received. The Brand rep will also email us all the original photo's for marketing uses.
In cases both sides agree the Brand Rep agreement will be extended for a period agreed on both sides.
How can I apply my baby?
  • Have an active Instagram account, the more followers the better! 
  • You must be able to create great, high-resolution photos of your baby (photo's taken with a high resolution camera and not mobile phone camera)
  • Have a baby ages 3 month – 18 month
  • Share on your personal Instagram or Facebook page at least 1 photo of each item you receive.
  • Email us 3 or more images of your baby in each item you receive.
  • We reserve the right to use any and all photographs on all social media accounts, our website & promotional material.
What do I get as Little Ones Boutique Brand Rep?
  • Free Items!!!
  • A 15% discount for the duration of your Rep term.
  • A 10% discount coupon for family and friends for the duration of the term.
  • Exposure on Little Ones Boutique social media accounts!
I want to apply, what should I do?
  1. Send us an email with 2-3 photo's of your little angel, add you instagram handle and your Facebook account. email to (Please note that we may be featuring some images on our social channels during the search to show our appreciation to all of you participating).
  2. Copy the Brand Rep post from our Instagram and re-post the image on your account and tag us @littleones_boutiquecom
  3. Choose a photo of your baby and post with hashtag #lobreps


No luck this time around, no worries. We will have a new brand rep search in a few months. If your baby wasn't chosen this time around there is always next time. We know all babies are beautiful and amazing, but we only have place for a few babies this time around…